About the Mangabots

Mangabots are a collection of 10.000 randomly generated NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) built from hundreds of exciting hand drawn visual traits. They are all unique, some Mangabots are rarer than others, but they all have that special thing you will love. Everyone wants a Mangabot.

Owning a Mangabot allows you to vote on community-driven features, products and events. And of course, to be part of the development of the Mangabots game. The community makes our roadmap collaborative. The holders and the founders, will decide the future of the project.

Mangabots holders can make proposals to the better of the project and/or voto on proposals form others. 20% of the mint and 50% of the royalties will go into the Mangabots Treasury. This community Treasury is used to fund all we are going to achieve together.

The reasons you’ll love this project

The community

The Mangabots is a community-driven project. Our core values are transparency, participation and empowerment of the community.

20% of the initial sale and 50% of the royalties go into the community treasury which is used to fund all we are going to archive together.

Mobile app

Because everyone is glued to their mobile phone nowadays, the Mangabots app is being developed. Don't miss out on anything!
The mobile app must be usable for apple and android devices. Together with the community, we determine what the content will be.


Let the money roll.. the Mangabots get their own cryptocurrency! You can stake your NFT in exchange for Mangabot's crypto coins.
The coins gain a lot of value when the game is released. You can use the coin to play the game smarter and better than your opponent.


We want to give the Mangabots a wide reach by investing a lot of time and energy in brand awareness.

A brand stands or falls with good marketing. Therefore, we want to start are own merchandise. We are not satisfied until Mangabots is a well-known name in the metaverse and beyond!

Dynamic Roadmap

The roadmap is not a static document. It will be updated regularly according the community Lab.

We choose for a dynamic rather than a static roadmap, because we believe in continuous change and improvement. Everyday we try to be a better Mangabot looking for a better world to live in.

The Game

The icing on the cake or the cream of the crop, will be our very own P2E Mangabot game. This is the common main goal.

The community has enormous input and say in how the game will be designed and used. Holders of an NFT will have great advantages in the game.

Frequently asked questions

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